Function rooms for all receptions

Whether you are having a birthday drink for family and friends, a sip and see reception or a few glasses of champagne to celebrate the announcement of your engagement, at the Torenhof villa in Tongerlo (Westerlo) you will undoubtedly find a reception room that meets all your wishes. Every guest will always be given a warm welcome and will want for nothing at a Torenhof reception room.

Choice of different function rooms for your reception.

Choice of different function rooms for your reception

The Council Chamber, the Pergola, the Tower Room and the Palace are Torenhof function rooms that are all perfect for a reception. Your choice of reception room will depend on your number of guests. The Council Chamber and Pergola, which accommodate 22 and 50 people respectively, are ideal reception rooms for smaller groups. If you wish to welcome larger groups, consider the Tower Room and the Palace, which hold 150 to 280 guests. At Torenhof you can choose to have your reception indoors or outdoors. The villa has a magnificent location surrounded by beautiful countryside and a large garden offering fantastic outdoor options.

A festive welcome at a Torenhof reception room

If you rent a reception room at Torenhof, we will assist you with the organisation of your reception from beginning to end. As soon as you have decided which function room you are going to use to welcome your guests, Torenhof will get to work to decorate, do up and fully finish the room based on your requirements and wishes. Will you need a microphone to announce some good news? Do you want your guests to stand or sit at their table? Everything will be ready before your reception starts. Every guest will be welcomed in a professional way with canapés and drinks at the reception room. You will not be required to do any work at all apart from entertaining your guests.

Reception room and party venue

A reception usually takes about two hours. If you want your reception to be followed by a party, look no further. Every reception room can be transformed into a beautiful party venue in no time at all. That way you can follow up your birthday, retirement or wedding reception with a large or intimate party. As for the reception, we can take care of the organisation of your party, if that is what you wish, of course. You will not have to worry about the music, the decoration or the photos: Torenhof will arrange it all especially for you. If you would like to use your reception room as a party venue after the reception, do let us know.


Beautiful reception room in the heart of the Kempen region

With about five hundred parties a year, Torenhof has become a competent, reliable planner of all kinds of parties, including your reception.

Reception room and party venue.
Choose one of the villa’s attractive function rooms and use your favourite room as a reception venue. We will arrange your reception based on your budget and we will ensure that the reception room is precisely as it should be down to the last detail.
Discover the unique and versatile function rooms at Torenhof. We have a room for every event.

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Have your seminar, corporate event or team building session at the unique Torenhof villa.

reception room reception function room function rooms

Take a quick look at the delicious menu of the Torenhof restaurant.

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