The Torenhof brasserie in Westerlo

For a delicious snack, lunch or dinner, visit the Torenhof brasserie in Westerlo in the heart of the Kempen region open all year round. Opposite the Abbey of Tongerlo and in the middle of the luscious, beautiful countryside, the brasserie offers mouth-watering dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients and local produce for you to enjoy. Be surprised by the unique setting and the delicious menu of the Torenhof brasserie.


A brasserie with an extensive menu

A succulent steak with chips, a lovely piece of salmon with steamed vegetables or a plate of spaghetti? The Torenhof brasserie will surprise you with an extensive menu crammed with delightful Flemish and Belgian dishes prepared for you by our chef with a touch of culinary freedom and creativity. Every dish is made with fresh, seasonal products. The body and spirit of all guests, young and old, will be replenished at the Torenhof Brasserie (Tongerlo), as we also offer a special children’s menu. So come and try our dishes at our pleasant brasserie in the leafy municipality of Westerlo.

A brasserie with an extensive menu.
Eating together at a lovely brasserie.

Eating together at a lovely brasserie

Be it winter or summer, at the Torenhof brasserie you will enjoy delicious dishes in a unique setting all year round. It is lovely to sit inside, surrounded by the original windows that are complemented beautifully by the fresh, modern interior. As you walk into the brasserie, you will immediately feel the special atmosphere. If the weather is nice, you and your family and friends can sit in the beautiful garden patio to enjoy a delicious meal in lovely green surroundings. Meanwhile the children will have a great time at the wonderful outdoor playground.


Happy times at the Torenhof brasserie

Come to the Torenhof brasserie in Tongerlo (Westerlo) and experience what a delicious freshly cooked meal can do for you. While our cooks prepare your chosen meal in the kitchen, you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the garden inside or outside. Before you know it, your delightful meal will be served for you to enjoy with your partner, friends or children. Both the brasserie’s unique setting and the exquisite taste of our dishes will not easily be forgotten…

Discover the unique and versatile function rooms at Torenhof. We have a room for every event.

brasserie brasserie Westerlo brasserie in Westerlo brasserie menu

Have your seminar, corporate event or team building session at the unique Torenhof villa.

brasserie brasserie Westerlo brasserie in Westerlo brasserie menu

Take a quick look at the delicious menu of the Torenhof restaurant.

brasserie brasserie Westerlo brasserie in Westerlo brasserie menu