Wonderful brasserie in Westerlo

At the Torenhof brasserie in Tongerlo, people eat their fill as they strengthen their social ties, but above all they experience moments of happiness… We will give you a brief explanation on how we achieve this is below. Some key words in our story set in Westerlo in the heart of the Kempen region are pleasant dining in a relaxed, child-friendly atmosphere to enjoy every day that comes our way.

Wonderful meals together at the Torenhof brasserie

Do you feel like a quick meal or a sweet snack? Or perhaps you are in need of something more substantial? The doors of our brasserie in Tongerlo (Westerlo) are open for you to enjoy our delicious dishes in a casual atmosphere. Classic Flemish and Belgian cuisine play a key role in the brasserie and are very much enjoy by young and old, big or small. So bring on that slow-cooked stew with chips or steak béarnaise! Of course we also cater for our younger guests… We created a children’s menu with all sorts of great dishes especially for them. Because we want to offer all our guests the best, tastiest meals, we prepare every dish with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Choose from our extensive menu and restore yourself at our lovely brasserie.


Happy times at the brasserie in both winter and summer

What is more fun than dining out in a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere all year round? The Torenhof brasserie has a magnificent garden patio where you can enjoy food and drink all year round, winter or summer. The south-facing patio Pergola is located right in between the brasserie on one side and the gorgeous garden on the other.

Happy times at the brasserie in both winter and summer.
On cold days the garden patio is covered and heated in order to sustain a magnificent view of the countryside surrounding Torenhof through the large windows. When the temperature goes up, the patio will be opened for our guests to enjoy our delicious meals and a refreshing drink outdoors. At the Torenhof brasserie in Westerlo, you can experience that wonderful patio feeling in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
The renovated Torenhof brasserie in Westerlo.

The renovated Torenhof brasserie in Westerlo

In 2014 we gave the Torenhof brasserie a thorough makeover. We transformed the space into a pleasant brasserie where old and new go hand in hand. The original windows are a reference to Tongerlo Abbey and the modern interior forges an important link to the present. The fresh, fun interior of the brasserie is the perfect setting for a delicious meal with your family. Right outside the brasserie in Westerlo is a great playground in the park where your children can really enjoy themselves as you keep an eye on them whilst savouring the beautiful surroundings

A warm welcome at the Torenhof brasserie

Now there is only one more thing to add: come and discover the delicious cuisine and unique setting of the Torenhof brasserie in Tongerlo (Westerlo) for yourself with your family or friends. It is the only way to experience the strengths of our brasserie in all their glory…

Discover the unique and versatile function rooms at Torenhof. We have a room for every event.

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Have your seminar, corporate event or team building session at the unique Torenhof villa.

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Take a quick look at the delicious menu of the Torenhof restaurant.

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