The unique Torenhof meeting rooms

If you want to have your meetings in a peaceful environment with all the materials you may need, visit the exceptional meeting rooms of Torenhof in Tongerlo (Westerlo). Thanks to their location and decor, the meeting rooms are inspiring venues for your company. We explain here what exactly a meeting at our meeting rooms entails.

Which meeting rooms does Torenhof offer?

Meetings at the Torenhof villa can be held in various meeting rooms. Depending on the number of participant, we assess which room is most suitable as a meeting room for your company. If you are looking for a small room, we recommend the Council Chamber, which accommodates about 22 persons. For a group up to 50 persons, we have the Pergola, a covered patio area that can be opened in sunny weather. This will allow you to enjoy all our meeting facilities as well as the fresh countryside air, making the time spent in this meeting room twice as agreeable. Torenhof also has two large meeting rooms, the Tower Room and the Palace, which can accommodate 150 and 280 participants respectively. At Torenhof, you can easily have a meeting with your entire staff!

Which meeting rooms does Torenhof offer?

Our meeting room facilities

Once you have chosen your meeting room at Torenhof, we will ensure the desired room layout. You can have the tables and chairs placed in a U-shape, theatre-style, school-style, circles, … Ask us about all the options and we will be glad to show them to you. All meeting rooms also have modern equipment to make your meetings as comfortable as possible. Torenhof can provide a projector, a good sound system, a microphone, a screen, a flipchart, … We will make sure all the educational materials you need are ready for your when you arrive and of course Torenhof also offers Wi-Fi.

Torenhof offers you more than meeting rooms.

Torenhof offers you more than meeting rooms

You can rent the meeting rooms at Torenhof (Westerlo) for half a day, a full day or even a weekend. When you book the room, we will enter your meeting in our calendar and we will make sure the meeting room is in perfect conditions. You can also combine your meeting at the Torenhof villa with a delicious business lunch at the restaurant or meeting room. Hot and cold dishes, rolls and soup, canapés and drinks: we offer several packages. All you need to do is decide which option meets your wishes most. Of course you can also rent our meeting rooms without catering. Torenhof is very flexible in that respect.

Renting meeting rooms at Torenhof

Have your meetings in style and comfort at the meeting rooms of Torenhof in Tongerlo (Westerlo). Every meeting room offers clear daylight, a view of the magnificent countryside and a pleasant temperature: the ideal circumstances to have a meeting in a peaceful setting. If you want to rent one of our meeting rooms, please do not hesitate to contact us on +32 14 54 43 91 or at

Discover the unique and versatile function rooms at Torenhof. We have a room for every event.

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Have your seminar, corporate event or team building session at the unique Torenhof villa.

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Take a quick look at the delicious menu of the Torenhof restaurant.

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